Smaug ❤️ DRGTK

Create games and share packages with the DragonRuby community

Enhance your project with plugins, templates, tools and assets.

What is DragonRuby?

DragonRuby Game Toolkit is a professional grade (yet beginner friendly) 2D game engine.

Smaug is free, but requires a DragonRuby Game Toolkit license to use.

Code generation

Start new projects quickly from a template

You can generate a game directory with smaug new.

$ smaug new my-game

There is no need to copy the game engine files into the project. Instead, edit Smaug.toml to configure the project and then start the game using thesmaug runcommand.


Package management

Install packages and track dependencies


Smaug can install packages of code and other assets into your game from the community registry, keeping track of versions and dependencies along the way.

Packages can also be installed from other sources - such as a Git repository, a commercial download URL, or a local file path.

Extracting features from your game into a local package is a great way to keep your codebase loosely coupled, and Smaug makes it easy to reuse those libraries and assets in another quick experiment or project.

Publishing a package to share with the community is simple, too. We will enable this feature for everybody soon, but if you would like to submit a package today please contact us and we can help you.

Scripts & Tools

Improve your workflow

Designed for Draco

Draco offers an excellent framework for sharing components and systems through packages.

A decluttered project tree

Smaug installs DragonRuby GTK to a shared system location, so the only clutter you'll see in your project is yours.

DragonRuby version management

You can install multiple versions and editions of DragonRuby. Just specify the version to run for each project inside Smaug.toml.

Smaug also works with your existing projects

Just run smaug init in the project directory

You can sell packages, too!

Commercial packages are also allowed... and encouraged! We are currently exploring options to help publishers get paid.

Starter kits

Want to help the project? We're planning to create a handful of small games in different genres that can act as templates.

Thoughts? Join us on Discord or open an Issue.