1. Download the most recent release of Smaug and follow the instructions to install it on your system.
  2. Download a copy of the DragonRuby Game Toolkit (any edition).
  3. Run smaug dragonruby install with a path to your dragonruby download:

$ smaug dragonruby install ~/Downloads/

smaug install

Arch Linux

Use your preferred helper to install the smaug package from AUR.

$ pacaur -S smaug


Install with homebrew.

$ brew tap ereborstudios/tap $ brew install smaug


Install with scoop.

$ scoop bucket add ereborstudios
$ scoop install smaug

Manual Installation

You can download the latest version from the release page.

What is DragonRuby?

DragonRuby Game Toolkit is a professional grade (yet beginner friendly) 2D game engine.

Smaug is free, but requires a DragonRuby Game Toolkit license to use.